In Conversation with Gita, Founder and CEO of GitaPR

1. What is your new routine or morning ritual? 
My morning ritual includes meditation and prayers, checking emails and messages with my cup of coffee.  Once I am up and ready, an online yoga class.  Then I feel ready to face the day with positive energy!

2. Is there a special clothing item/go-to everyday outfit or stylish piece – for Zoom type meetings?
As we all transition into a world of virtual meetings/Zoom, I have learned to rely on a simple outfit: a black or white button down shirt, a light Indian shawl and jeans. Light make up is a must!

3. Can you please share a quote/mantra you find inspiring that helps get you through the day? 
I often turn to the Indian nationalist leader and hero, Mahatma Gandhi, when I need something to lift me up:   The future depends on what we do in the present.  (So it means continue moving forward and trying new things!)

4. What do you miss most about your life B.C. (before corona)?
I miss running around the city, meetings with clients and colleagues, a nice lunch or dinner with friends and family, the ease of movement and my crazy travel schedule.