In Conversation with Courtney Cachet, Celebrity Designer and Style Expert

1. What is your new routine or morning ritual?
I typically wake up at 6am, unless I am on TV then much earlier! Before I get out of bed, I visualize how I want the day to go. If I feel off, this is the time I correct it. Then I say a prayer, get my children situated with their schooling, post an Instagram, check a few emails, answer anything urgent and go for a run. However, during the first month of quarantine, there were more than a few days where I was feeling very depressed and scared.

2. What is a new skill/hobby you picked up during this work from home phase? 
I didn’t pick up any new hobbies. But, with nary a repairmen in sight, I fixed my own washing machine and thermostat by watching YouTube videos. Who knew??
So I realized I can learn literally anything because I’m not afraid to try. 

3. Can you please share a quote/mantra you find inspiring that helps get you through the day? 
Try again. It is my life motto. 

4. A book that you’re currently reading (or podcast you are listening to?) that is a must share…
I am reading The Source by Tara Swart. I read lots of books on quantum physics, positive thinking and brain science..this one is really good! I highly recommend the HBO limited series, McMillions along with the podcast…fascinating and hilarious!

5. First place you’ll travel to, when you can
The South of France. My family is from Marseille and I feel very connected there. Also, it’s fabulous! 

6. What do you miss most about your life B.C. (before corona)?
I miss social events, having a place to go all dressed up, parties, hugging a friend hello and overall connectivity with people. I miss working on sets so much. Wearing a mask hides your smile and muffles your voice. I miss the casualness of everyday life. Now we have to think about every little thing and sometimes it’s exhausting.

7. What you know for sure- an insight from this experience?
I know with 100% certainty, although we live in a very electronically connected world, human connection will always reign supreme. 

8. What the world needs now is…
Love, sweet love. No not just for some, but for everyone.

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